The beautiful Mexican-inspired Frida

I have tested another great Tunic.This time from Australian Designer Stitch. It is the fabulous Frida.
Frida Boho Designer Stitch Tunic Mexican blouse

The tunic is describes like this;
“The Frida encompasses all things vintage Mexican, Boho, gorgeous textiles and the most amazing trims and embellishments. Frida offers the choice of tunic length, tunic with gathered ruffle, dress with gathered ruffle or full length dress.
Add your choice of sleeve – short, long, short gathered puff or gathered long sleeve bishop to create a unique and on-trend seasonal silhouette”.
Skærmbillede 2017-09-28 kl. 13.58.15So true. There is a lot of options with this tunic/dress. Testers have made Frida in all sorts of styles and combinations. Frida is giving you a great opportunity to get out lots of trims and play around, but as I like my clothes to be more on the simple side, I found a fabric with some boho-feeling to it and omitted trims.

The fabric is from Citystoffer. Unfortunately it is not on their website, since they didn’t have a lot of it. It is a really great sheer cotton/silk blend with the pattern mirrored on either side. Perfect for a project like Frida. Look at the pictures below for details from the back where the mirroring really shows.

Skærmbillede 2017-09-28 kl. 14.15.19

Here is an overview of the options. Since I need blouses/tunics in my wardrobe, I chose to make a tunic length top without the ruffles. I would like to wear it tucked in and ruffles don´t tuck in very well.
I love all the sleeve options, but since it is getting autumn really fast here in Denmark, I went with the long Bishop sleeve (reminds me of a peasant blouse, with I really like).

The pattern is so well drafted, everything comes together nicely and the instructions are easy to follow. Ann is very meticulous in her work, making it a pleasure to sew up her patterns.
Definitely more Fridas for me in the future; with all the options given in this one pattern, the possibilities are numerous.

The Frida is on sale until Wednesday the 11th of October.

Frida Boho Designer Stitch Tunic Mexican blouseFrida Boho Designer Stitch Tunic Mexican blouseFrida Boho Designer Stitch Tunic Mexican blouse

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New Wardrobe By Me patterns

A few weeks ago I saw Christina from Wardrobe By Me looking for testers for 3 new summertops and I jumped right in and offered my assistance. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the testers.

I have never done any testing before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I must say it was a lot of fun and very educational.sewing blog about testing pdf patterns sewing my own wardrobe wardrobe by me

The first top I choose to test, was the Summer Breeze Tunic. This is a very lovely top with a slit at the front and ruffles at the bottom. The top is longer at the back, with is nice. An easy sew with a great fit. I made mine in a rayon/viscose from Stof og Stil.

Skærmbillede 2017-05-31 kl. 14.13.29The next Wardrobe By Me top I tested was the Summer Tulip Top. This top is my favorite of the two. The first one I made in a powder colored rayon/viskose also from Stof og Stil. I like this fabric because it comes in some nice solid colors and I often find rayon fabric way too busy for my taste. I must admit; I also like the price, especially for testing😊.

sewing blog about testing pdf patterns sewing my own wardrobe by mesewing blog about testing pdf patterns sewing my own wardrobe by me

The second Summer Tulip Top I managed to squeeze onto a gorgeous Liberty of London silk I bought a few years back in London. I only had a meter and the only reason I managed to puzzle in all the pattern pieces was, that is non-directional. I really love this top and I have worn it several times since.

I think the gathering of fabric on the chest is very flattering and the kimono-like sleeve gives you slimmer upper arms. The fold on the sleeve is constructed in a way so that you don´t see the seam allowance from the fold on the inside of the sleeve. Very cleverly constructed. This top has a curved edge with a small hem.

sewing blog about testing pdf patterns sewing my own wardrobe rebel sweatpantssewing blog about testing pdf patterns sewing my own wardrobe rebel sweatpantssewing blog about testing pdf patterns sewing my own wardrobe rebel sweatpants

Christina also had a sweatpants pattern for men on the way and was looking for testers. I was lucky enough to be able to test that too. This time it was the Rebel Sweatpants and Shorts.

I made a pair of sweatpants for my husband and a pair for my son. Both made in French Terry with some lycra.

My husband had been wanting sweatpants for a while and I have bought several pairs for him. None of wich he had liked and I have had to take them all back. I didn’t like the fit. Too loose at the bottom of the legs, too baggy, too tight on the thighs…..

I was a bit worried sewing these, I mean, I couldn’t just take them back to the store. Luckily they turned out to fit him just right. Not too baggy, but still room enough for his thighs and slim at the calves.

The pair I made for my son he has worn ever since. He is funny like that; he never wears sweatpants out of the house, but the second he walks in the door, and the sweatpants goes on.

My son wears the pants a lot lower that my husband, but they work really well both ways.

I love Christina´s patternes. They are pdf, so you have to print them yourself. The are made in layers, so you can choose which sizes you want printed. That makes it a lot easier when drawing the pattern pieces afterwards. Another nice thing is, that you don´t need to trim the papers before taping. That is a big timesaver!