The fancy Tanner from Designer Stitch

I have tested yet another Designer Stitch Pattern. This time it is a great pair of culottes, called Tanner.
I have been looking for at pattern for culottes for at while and fell for Tanner right away. I have never own a pair of culottes and wasn’t sure they would be good on me, but I must say I´m convinced; everyone can wear culottes. Just have a look at tDesigner Stitch Tanner Sewing pdf pattern testing
he other testers culottes on Designer Stitch FB page.
Culottes can be a lot of styles, but Tanners are meant for fabric with some firmness and no stretch woven. Most of the inspiration photos in the tester group was with culottes in denim. I love denim and I love looking at and sewing topstitching, making denim ideal. I did however come across this gorgeous two colored corduroy and thought it would be just perfect for Tanner.

Putting the culottes together is fairy easy. You might have to do some fitting, I know I did, and you have to concentrate when topstitching. Other that that, it´s a breeze. Directions are clear and with lots of drawings.

I did do some alterations when fitting; turns out I have tilted pelvis, so I had to shave of a wedge from the front and add it to the back. Because of my protruding popo, I also had to shave a bit of the yoke.

DSC_1502The length is straight from the pattern. I am pretty tall, 174cm, and I think I might take of some of the length, showing the boots more. For me boots is the best choice for culottes.

For my second pair of culottes, I chose a wool gabardine with a little polyester it. It gives a totally different look, since it is a much softer fabric with a lot more drape. This look is not what the Tanner is designed for, but I think it works pretty well.

The Tanner also comes with pattern piece and instructions for a tie belt, which I didn’t make. I don´t like to have too much bulk around my wast and the belt wasn’t needed.
The culottes are high waisted and is designed to fit just below your natural waist hanging of your hips, making the culottes very comfortable to wear. It also makes them look good on most people, even people who would not normally wear culottes or pants that cut your lower leg in two, like me.

I have very much love for the Tanner culottes. Get them on sale for the next week or so at Designer Stitch.

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