Itch to Stitch Blog Tour 2019 Mountain View Fall Edition

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I’m so honored to be in the Itch to Stitch Blog Tour 2019. I am a huge Itch to Stitch fan and have been since I discovered pdf patterns a few years ago.

Itch to Stitch Blogtour Mountain View Paulina pdf patterns
Choosing two pattern to sew up for the tour was both easy and difficult. I knew I wanted to sew more Mountain View Pull-on Jeans, as the first pair I made back in March 2018 have been worn to death and I really need more.

For the second pattern I wanted something I hadn’t made before and something that would go well with Mountain View. I went Paulina Top as she met the requirements and I really love the layering effect.

I previously made the jeans in denim, but wanted twill for this version. I love denim, but the gorgeous fall colors  from the Metermeter twill collection is really lovely and it has the right amount of stretch.

Itch to Stitch Blogtour Mountain View Paulina pdf patternsOne of the reasons I fell for Mountain View is how easy they are to fit. Apart from the back seam looking awesome, it also makes the jeans very easy to fit.
Last time I made a size 10, but this time I had to go with the 12, because I have gained some weight. I added 0,5 cm to the back thigh, like last time, but I also added 1″ in length in both thigh and at the bottom, adding 2″ in total for length. My height is 175cm, so adding length is usual.
Last alteration was taking about 1″ from the width of the legs from the knee down.

After sewing the wine colored pair of jeans, I went straight back to the shop for more of the same fabric. The colors are amazing and second time around, I choose Khaki.
This turned out to be the perfect pattern/fabric match🥰. Perfect stretch and firmness. Pure love, and the best thing is; I can just go back to the shop and pick all the colors I want😁.

Itch to Stitch Blogtour Mountain View Paulina pdf patternsFor the Paulina top I decided on a ponte in black for the main part. I wanted a color that would go with both the wine and the Khaki jeans and I love black. For the woven contrast, I went with some Nano Iro from Metermeter I had in my stash.
Only alteration is, that I omitted the cutouts.
I really like the layering effect you get with this pattern and ponte turned out to be perfect.
The Paulina Top is also a great choice if you, like me, want to conceal some added weight😂.

I am really happy with my new addition to my ever-growing collection of ITS patterns.
The Mountain View Pull-up jeans and the Paulina Top makes me feel more ready for Fall.

Scroll down for more pics.
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Itch to Stitch Blogtour Mountain View Paulina pdf patterns




10 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Blog Tour 2019 Mountain View Fall Edition”

  1. OMG, did you really make 2 pairs of jeans and a top? That’s fantastic!! I love your Mountain Views. Paulina is one of my favorites too. They are just so comfy and you get the layered effect without having to actually arrange layers.


  2. Perfect pairing of fabric+pattern. The Paulina is a top I have been guilty of overlooking, but yours is gorgeous.


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