Paperboy trousers from WbM

Sewing blogtour wardrobe by me paperboy pleated pants pdf pattern

Sewing blogtour wardrobe by me paperboy pleated pants pdf patternSo what is new for me in 2018. Well first of all I have sewn pleated pants!! Which I thought would be a big deal, but turned out to be no trouble at all. But first let me dwell a bit on what happened sewing wise in 2017.

To me 2017 was the year I really discovered pdf patterns. I have been sewing for many years, but always used sewing magazines and the occasional book or printed patterns in an envelope. Pdf patterns are only recently beginning to emerge in the Danish online sewing community. It was only when an online friend of mine, Jane Bredkjær (she writes in Danish), posted a blogpost in a Danish FB group, I discovered Wardrobe by Me. And boy, did that lite a fire in me… Finding indie pdf pattern companies led to testing and the last 8 months I have been testing patterns for Wardrobe by Me, Itch to Stitch and Designer Stitch. I have loved every test; from the more simple patterns to the more complicated ones. I have learned so much and enjoyed the ping-pong with the other testers. I will hopefully get the opportunity to do more testing here in 2018.

Sewing blogtour wardrobe by me paperboy pleated pants pdf patternAnother thing I ventured into in 2017, was taking pictures of the things I sew. Previously I have used my iPad and the Snap Clap app. Works alright, but the quality of the photos are not that great. I had to learn how to instruct my husband how to take the pictures I want and I had to learn how to work with the photos afterwards.
A huge challenge when it comes to taking pictures in Denmark at wintertime, is light. It gets dark at 4 pm and most of the time it is grey and rainy. Greatly illustrated by the photos in this blogpost; me at the window hoping for the weather to clear up😊

The pictures in this post is just iPad and Snab Clap. I usually take better pics, but time and light was scarce today.

Blogging is also something I began in 2017. It was an logical extension to testing and I really enjoy the process. It is also a great way to kept track of what I sow.

Sewing blogtour wardrobe by me paperboy pleated pants pdf patternThe latest testing I have done is the Paperboy Pleated trousers. I have blogged about them already, but they definitely deserve another round. I have sewn three pairs and have more colors planned.

Okay, what do I find so great about the Paperboy? For one they are an easy sew; from print of patterns to last press, I would say 3 hours. Another great thing is how great, dressy and stylish they look; they have pleats, flat front waistband and fold-up hem at the bottom.
Apart from being smart, they are also the most comfortable trousers you can imagine. Made from ponte knit or french terry, they are as comfy as your sweatpants. What´s not to like.

What plans do I have for 2018 sewing wise. Well, I have lots of plans and my plans are very much flexible, so what I end up sewing, we will have to wait and see until the end of the year. What I am sure of, it is going to be a great journey. At the moment I am testing hipsters and panties from Wardrobe by Me. It is looking very promising.

Hope you all have a wonderful sewing year.

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  1. Nice post. I love you you summarized 2017. I just recently did some pattern testing as well and I enjoyed it so much as well! The pants look great on you. I have yet to tackle pants as they seem intimidating. I struggle with the lighting outside as well and it is frustrating because you are very limited on a daily basis. Can’t wait to see what else you make this year!

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